The Week in Wearables August 7

Consumer Wearables

Leaked renderings of Fitbit’s new smartwatch are reported as the final designs. Very similar to what was leaked a few months ago and still underwhelming at best. Here.

Those leaks also triggered quite a bit of speculation about the use of red light for the optical heart rate sensing. It’s not entirely clear from the rendering that any change to Fitbit’s HRM is imminent, but, if true, it could be related to Fitbit’s drive for more advanced biometrics from their devices. Here.

Another analyst report puts Xiaomi at the top of the wearables unit volume list, although it’s a stretch to say wearables is still growing “thanks to Xiaomi”. Many others contributing to that growth – large and small. Here.

Medical Wearables

Researchers at Harvard and UNC studying PTSD are partnering with Verily to help with data collection and management, including the Study Watch. Here. This follows news in April of Project Baseline using the Study Watch for a comprehensive longitudinal study of public health. Here.

Research engineers have developed a biosensor that stimulates localized sweat with a band-aid sized biosensor. Sweat holds a great deal of potential for bio-analytics, but as with any lab research, there is a long way to go before (or if) it’s commercialized. Here.

Wearables tracking Parkinson’s Disease in Australia. Here.

One Fun Thing

Blackberry enters the wearable segment. Not exactly what you might be thinking – they’re doing OS for enterprise/industrial wearables, including AR glasses. Here.

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