The Week in Wearables July 3

Relatively slow news this week in the doldrums of summer…

Consumer Wearables

Fitbit’s struggles with a smartwatch reportedly continue. The company refutes the claims, but this will be very difficult to get right, particularly because they are apparently doing their own OS and app store. Here.

Another positive report from Wall Street analysts about Apple Watch and AirPods sales and momentum, saying the AirPods “probably has been the most successful product launch outside of the iPhone lineup in terms of early demand levels and media reviews in many years.” Here.

News finally came that Jawbone is being liquidated. The only surprise is how long they hung on. Here.

Medical Wearables

The Roche acquisition of mySugr was announced last week, but some additional detail emerged this week, including acquisition pricing somewhere between $75-100M. Here.

Stanford researchers have developed an algorithm to diagnose 13 different types of arrhythmia from wearable ECG data. This is similar to work being done by Cardiogram with Apple Watch data. Here.

Wearable telepathy? Former Facebook, Google X, and Intel exec claims in will be possible within 8 years with something that puts the the functionality of an MRI in a ski hat. No working prototype yet, so take it for what it’s worth. Here.


With $6.5B so far, 2017 on track to be biggest digital health funding year yet. Here.

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