The Week in Wearables July 31

Consumer Wearables

The next Apple Watch will have cellular connectivity, according to Bloomberg. If they can keep the battery life decent (still a big question mark), this would be a massive step forward for smartwatches and wearables in general because it would provide some independence from the smartphone. Here.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Watch sales were up over 50% in the June quarter. Full earnings call transcript here.

Fitbit reported earnings that pleased Wall Street (because they lost less money and forecasted better than expected), but unit sales were down 40% compared to last year. Here.

Fitbit CEO James Park also said their smartwatch would launch before the holidays and would feature an “app platform” and an “app gallery” powered by the former Pebble platform. Sounds to me like it will support a limited number of apps at first so they don’t want to call it a full app store. Here.

Samsung revealed work on a new wearable that is something between a fitness band and a smartwatch. Here.

Medical Wearables

This was from a few weeks ago, but a good review from Rock Health on digital health funding so far in 2017. The first half of 2017 has already seen the same number of +$100M fundings (7) as all of 2016. Top categories being funded:

  • Consumer health information
  • Digital gym equipment (almost all of this funding was one company – Peleton)
  • Healthcare consumer engagement
  • Digital therapies
  • Analytics/big data

More here.


One research firm believes Xioami is shipping more wearables than any other company in the world, ahead of Apple and Fitbit. Here.

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