The Week in Wearables June 19

Consumer Wearables

Interesting perspective here from watch retailers on smartwatch margins, which reinforces the fact that smartwatches and mechanical fashion watches are two completely animals – different economics, distribution, product lifecycles, value proposition, etc. As mechanical fashion watches take on more “smart” functionality it will be interesting to see how the dynamics shift. Here.

Future Fitbits may try to diagnose and monitor sleep apnea. This will require different sensor hardware than is currently in Fitbit’s, but the more interesting aspect is the diagnostics because it may require FDA clearance if they are making a medical claim. Unlikely they will go down that path, but it remains to be seen how the product is positioned and what exactly it’s doing. Here.

Nokia is officially killing the Withings brand, although most of it’s products will carry on with new versions and updates. Here.

Medical Wearables

New biosensor technology – known as a lab on a chip – that could be used in hand-held or wearable devices to monitor your health and exposure to dangerous bacteria, viruses and pollutants. Here.


Medical wearable devices projected to grow over 26% CAGR through 2027. Here.

IDC says the global wearables market will nearly double by 2021, with over 240M units shipping in that year. Here.

More from IDC, this time VR/AR headsets which are expected to growth at 58% CAGR (off a relatively small base) over the next 5 years. 98% of the unit volume in 2016 was VR headsets. Here.

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