The Week in Wearables June 5

Consumer Wearables

Apple’s WWDC was big news as always. A few highlights:
– Apple Watch will now connect with gym equipment from most of the top equipment makers. Details are scarce at this point, but this appears to be a one-touch data sharing after a workout is complete. The Watch shares HR and calorie info, the gym equipment shares speed, distance, pace, and other data. Here.
– watchOS4 will support core Bluetooth in the watch, which opens up many different opportunities for the watch to connect directly with Bluetooth enables devices. One example shared by Apple was to connect Dexcom glucose monitors to the watch to display info from the CGM. Here.
– Here’s a good summary of all the wearables-related announcements from Apple this week. Here.

DC Rainmaker did an excellent analysis of the recent wearables study published by Stanford that got a lot of headlines. Among other things, this demonstrates the challenges that even the best research organizations seem to have in testing biometric wearables. Here.

Medical Wearables

Results from an Ericsson survey of over 4,500 people across 5 countries showed interesting results regarding wearables and mHealth from healthcare decision makers: “Although consumer-grade wearables are being widely used for preventative measures, 55 percent of healthcare decision makers from regulatory bodies say these devices are not sufficiently accurate or reliable for diagnosis. In addition, for liability reasons it will be very difficult to rely on patients’ smartphones for connectivity.” Much more data here.

Apple has reportedly hired Sumbul Desai, MD, executive director of the Stanford Medicine’s center for digital health to promote health uses for the Apple Watch. Here.

Another effort at a digital health tricorder. Here.

Samsung’s S-Patch 3 wearable health monitoring system could be nearing availability after FCC filing. Here.


IDC released it’s quarterly data on the wearables market. A few things of interest here:
– Fitbit fell out of 1st place in market share for the first time since IDC started tracking, down to 3rd place after Apple and Xiaomi.
– Samsung doubled their unit shipment volume YOY.
– The “others” category continues to grow in market share, now up to 48% in 1Q17, up from 39% in 1Q16


I’m taking a few days off this week, so The Week in Wearables will too. The newsletter will resume the week of June 19.

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