The Week in Wearables May 29

Consumer Wearables

Vibrating wearable designed to help people with visual impairments. The current form is bulky, but the function is similar to how the maps function on the Apple Watch will indicate directional change, so you can imagine the form factor rapidly scaling down into something more wearable. Here.

Fitbit released a study showing some of its devices track different stages of sleep accurately. Here.

Hearables continue to gain new capabilities and momentum in the market. Here.

Misfit announced the ability to customize the color, strap style and material on some of products. Misfit has always been ahead of the curve in recognizing that design and personalization are key elements in wearable adoption. Here.

Medical Wearables

Mary Meeker reported, among many other tech trends, that 25% of Americans own a wearable and the healthcare industry is at a “digital inflection point”. Her report is always worth the read. Here.

10 ways the internet of medical things is revolutionizing senior care. Here.

Scientists have found a way to power medical implants by harvesting energy from the human body. If this works, there’s obvious applications to wearables as well. Here.

Researchers at MIT have created biosensor inks that measure the shifts in interstitial fluid in your skin, changing color based on the levels of glucose, sodium, or pH in your body. Here.

Amazon is offering a $125,000 prize for the best use of Alexa to combat diabetes. Here.


IDC’s first quarterly report on VR/AR headsets reported 2.3M units shipped in 1Q17, 98% of which were VR headsets. Samsung lead the way, despite being the only vendor that saw a decline in YOY shipments. Here.

ABI predicts the enterprise wearables market, including smartwatches, smart glasses, and wearable scanners, will exceed $55B by 2022. Here.
One Fun Thing

Wearables are now being used on farm animals. Apparently connected networks of cows, pigs, and chickens exist. Here.

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